VPOSS is a cutting-edge cloud-based point of sales (POS) system linking all the point of sales and provide a total business solution to SMEs (small to medium enterprises), and make your business easily reached by your customers at cost-efficient level.

unique features

What make us different from others?

Cross platform

HTML5 compatible browser is the only need for VPOSS.


Your business require collect deposit from customer? We can do that!

Enterprise grade inventory

VPOSS can handle warehouses and branches inventory. We design for your future expansion.

Multiple documents

Clouds POS support printing like normal receipt, sales invoice, tax invoice and etc with GST ready.

Design for touch screen device.
Design for multiple branches/outlet access.
Design for barcode label printing and scanning.
Design for membership. VPOSS is part of your customer relationship management.
Discount in % or fixed amount. You have the control on limit.
Reports and charts let you understand your business.
… and more.

Store and retrieve customer records

Optometrists require systems that can store a lot of information, including prescription records of their customers. Returning customers’ records can easily be retrieved for a fuss-free experience. The system must also be able to help the optometrist keep track of their customers’ eyewear, and when they are ready for collection.

Easy deposits and collection

VPOSS supports the deposit function, which is necessary for optometrists. The system allows for easy deposits for individual customers, and can also help to keep track of when orders are ready for collection. It can also issue sales and tax invoices.

Keep track of your stock

The system lends ease to stock transfers, and adjustments for daily stock counts. Make things easier with VPOSS’ barcode scanning capabilities, and receive real time reports.

Manage your inventory and stock

Easily keep track of what you have, and manage your numbers with an adjustment feature for daily stock counts.

Make your sales convenient

Barcode scanning capabilities make sales a breeze, and real time reports provide necessary information. To facilitate hassle free store membership joining, register customer profiles on the spot through the system.

Manage your inventory and stock

Adjust stock numbers easily after daily stock count, and retrieve and manage inventory numbers at a glance. Real time reports available.

Keep customers close

Manage and maintain customer relationships and record information on the spot via Clouds POS.

Set up staff commission schedules

Take care of staffers’ commission schedules by setting up flexible systems, either by sales volume or products.

Manage and maintain customer relationships

Easily access and record customer details on the spot for quick retrieval later. This provides plenty of avenues for premium customer servicing with their history records ready on hand. Real time reports also available.

Personalised commission schedules

Set up a flexible commission schedule for staffers, and choose from either sales volume, or products.

Manage multiple outlets

Keep track of multiple outlets, and manage them individually with separate order IDs, login accounts, and commission schemes. Separate purchase orders by branch, and easily organise for stocks transfers between branches.

Keep your stock in check

Barcode scanning capabilities, stock adjustment for daily counts, and daily reports make it easy for keeping track of all your stock.

Register customers for membership

Easily convert walk-in customers to members with the system, and register customer profiles on the spot.