Still using excel to prepare your quotation or invoice? Switch to Switchnow!

Switchnow is built for freelancers, small and medium businesses who need a simple, yet powerful web based invoicing and payment system.


Dashboard and report

Everything important at a glance allows you to stay on top of your time and your clients without any effort.

Quote to invoice lifecycle

Switchnow simplify process. Send a quote. Get approval. Convert to invoice. One click. Seriously, that’s it.

Get paid

Switchnow generate a simple link sent to your client allows them to view and pay their invoice online.

Manage your clients

Manage your client details and keep track of who owes you what – and access the information from anywhere.

Guest accounts

Restricted guest accounts allow clients, accountants, or anybody else you want to have access to view their information without messing with anything else.

Import data

Data can be imported from any other system. Don’t bother re-entering all of your data – import it!

Efficient filtering

Switchnow provide quickly and immediately filter through pages and pages of data by using the filter box at the top of each page.