Do you want to grow your business with a bot technology?

smartBOT use Facebook Messenger Bot API to help you make a bot auto answer questions from your customers/visitors. This is the best way help you save time and growing your business – Your customers can receive answer instantly when you are not online.


What make us different from others?

Smart bot control

Bot will activate after preset time that administrator not responding to conversation.

Bot will deactivate once administrator start reply message manually.

Rich response type

Despite of plain boring text reply. We support image, audio, video, button (quick reply) even allow call button to use as reply method.

No programming knowledge required

Select a keyword, choose response type, type the auto reply message and everything is done.

No integration required

There is no need to do additional integration if you are using Facebook Messenger right now. Activate the service and you are good to go.

"PM" auto reply

“PM”? Why wait while our bot can immediate reply your customer when they want to know more info NOW!

Persistent menu

You can add up to 5 menus which always available to your followers or users. Having persistent menu easily communicates the basic capabilities of your bot for first-time and returning users.

Conversation log

You can check the conversation log when you back to work.

Save human resources

Bot will do the work for you. You don’t need to hire staff sit in front of Facebook page to answer your follower question.

Multiple administrator

how you can use smartBOT?

Provide 24/7 customer support

While your employees have to occasionally sleep, a bot can be working all hours, giving people instantaneous responses when they have an issue. And while bots may not be equipped to answer complex questions just yet, odds are they can field a large percentage of your customers’ gripes. If they fail to address the problem, they can then direct the customer to the most appropriate contact at your organisation. This means better customer satisfaction, and improved brand equity.

Lead generation and qualification

Bots can help to generate and qualify leads by collecting data. For example, if someone asks the bot for a list of packages or products, your bot might respond, ‘No problem! I just need a few details so I can send you the most relevant information …’ Your bot could then request details about the potential customer or their company. The bot could even follow up in a few days, and ask whether the potential customer might like a free demo or to speak to a salesperson.

This frees up the time your sales team would otherwise be spending on lead qualification – particularly beneficial if you’re a small start-up with just a few employees.

Generate customer insight

Every interaction with customers is an opportunity to learn more about them. Unlike humans, bots can diligently compile every little bit of data about what customers ask for, how they respond, and what makes them more or less engaged. This can provide valuable insight into how to better direct customers through the sales funnel, and even how to improve your product to address your customers’ needs more thoroughly.

Perform transactions

smartBOT can process payments, so you can click on an ad on your Facebook feed, get more info about a product and make a purchase via your website, all without ever leaving the Facebook platform.

Increase brand engagement

Because bots can be injected with more personality, brands are leveraging this to create fun ways for customers to engage with their brand.

Promote content

Bots can be a more friendly and organic way of promoting content to customers. You can even use input from users to segment them into groups, and suggest content more applicable to their demographic.

Because open rates are so much higher with messages than with emails, click-through rates are also much better. Plus once you’ve opened up a channel of communication, you can then encourage people to take further steps in the buyer journey, such as talking to a sales rep or requesting a free demo.